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Our Litigation Support Services

Marine Casualty Investigations:      

Marine Law Consulting provides a global support to lawyers, underwriters, P&I clubs and ship owners to investigate, report and act as an expert consultants on marine and energy casualties.

 Using a combination of experienced master mariners and specialist engineers, we can determine the cause, nature and extent of collisions, groundings, salvage and other marine incidents. Our expertise extends to the investigation of fixed and floating object damage, the consequences of hull and machinery damage, navigation and seamanship, pollution, shipboard operations, shipbuilding and ship repair disputes, and seaworthiness. 

In addition to establishing the technical causes of casualties, our experts can prepare a damage and repair report. Capable of providing a round-the-clock response from worldwide locations, we have a well-established record of assisting clients on technical matters for litigation purposes. 

Our maritime & navigational consultants provide a uniquely comprehensive range of expertise using industry-standard and specialist software, and are often called upon to advise on high-profile, landmark cases.

With extensive expertise in the offshore energy sector, Marine Law Consulting has provided expert witnesses in litigation involving MODUs, FPSOs, SubSea, risers, moorings and marine operations, and is now extending its services into the renewables sector which faces similar challenges.

We specialize in:

  • Preliminary discovery review and case merit valuation
  • Administrative Law Representation during USCG hearings
  • On-site marine accident investigation and reconstruction
  • Lawyer orientation with relevant maritime standard of care
  • Insights into opposing-side marine theories and strategies
  • Hind casting maritime behavioral & biomechanical scenarios
  • Equipment failure analysis and product performance testing
  • Ship facility safety audits including warnings adequacy
  • Court exhibits ( photos, videos, models)
  • Answering interrogatories, including affidavits and reports
  • Giving expert witness testimony during deposition and trial

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